October 1, 2018

This coming Sunday is a momentous day for Wedgwood. All across our congregation, we are making individual decisions that will have a collective impact on not only Wedgwood Baptist, but across the world. This is not an easy decision or one to be taken lightly. It is a decision of sacrifice, denial, and making the needs of Wedgwood and others more important than our own wants and desires. We can get really spiritual and say that, because we are Christians, sacrifice comes easy. I can get really super-spiritual and say, that because I am on staff, that I have no trouble. I can even look at what I am personally already giving financially, timewise, talent wise, and gifting wise, and ask if I really can squeeze more out of me? And yet!!! Yes and yet! It doesn’t necessarily mean I have to move out of my comfortable apartment, and live in my car so I can give that away also. It doesn’t mean that I really do live in my office so I can be on call 24/7. But it does mean to have the heart and mindset, and the openness to God’s gentle still voice, and His shining light on things that I could give up for the sake of Kingdom Work.

There are several things that I truly enjoy, that calms me and takes the stress away. But even those things might need to go away for the sake of the Kingdom Work through Wedgwood.

I say all of that to say this is a very serious matter. So it comes down to this. What will each of us do when we are to ask to lay ourselves out there this week? Will we have sat down with a calculator to come up with a way to stretch? That is not a bad idea. Will we have looked at our creature comforts, our personal things and ask ourselves the hard questions between what we “need” and what we “want”?

This week, I pray that you will be praying seriously about what God is calling you and your family to do. I pray that you will come prepared with a mindset to let go and do what God asks. Not what I ask, but what God has asked of you. God IS asking of us. What will we do?

We start this Sunday with an exciting song from the choir titled “Glorious Day” by Travis Cottrell. We sing “My Heart is Yours”, “Glorify You Alone”, and “My Jesus I Love Thee”. For the time of response, prayer, and AWAKEN commitment, we will be singing the song “Great Are You Lord”. I look forward to seeing you there.

Love you,


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