The Desire of My Heart

October 8 2018

As I have told you before, my favorite verse is Philippians 3:10. The first five words sums up my heart’s desire….”that I may know Him”. Back when little ditty choruses as I call them were popular, before our songs grew up into what we do today, I wrote these words. “I want to know You, to worship You, adore You, in all that I do. I want to know You, through and through, ‘till there is nothing left in me that’s me, but it’s all You.” I know you know how that goes. You sing in the original key a few times, and yes, then do a dramatic key change, slow it down, and sing it in a higher key, tag the last line three times, and Wala! You have an 80s chorus…lol. And yet, those words describe the greatest desire of my heart. I have told you this before also. I used to have a gold medallion I wore around my neck that simply said “Jesus is my life.” Colossians 3:4 says “Jesus, who is my life….”

I know many of you reading this blog are right there with me. You want to know Jesus more than anything or anyone else in your life. Him consuming your heart and mind is the main desire of why you live.

We can be distracted by so many good things. It has been said that good is the enemy of great. I was talking to one of our members the other day. As we were talking, I was overwhelmed with the strategy of the project we were talking about and how it had the potential to change hundreds of lives. It wasn’t just another project that Wedgwood was doing because “we’ve always done it”, but it was something that, the reason we continue doing it every year is because of the potential incredible life-change it can cause.

So here is the question for the week. When we get up off our knees and we head out into the mission field of life, and we get involved in something….does it have the potential to change people’s lives forever? What kind of impact are we having in our daily lives?

Like I said last week, whether it is AWAKEN, or other things, God IS calling us. Ball is in our court to use a sports metaphor.

This week, we are beginning a new book study in James. I love the practicality of James. We start out our worship time with “This is Amazing Grace”, “There is Power”, “Do it Again”, and “Jesus Paid it All”. I am going to play a piano version of “My Jesus I Love Thee” for offertory, and we will sing at the response time “Jesus, We Love You”.

We also will begin talking about and collecting the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

See you there,

Love you,


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