We Partner with Parents to lead children to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ that is centered around learning and living God’s Word.

Kids have fun at Wedgwood on Sundays and Wednesdays learning about who God is and who He has made them to be.

We seek to accomplish this task by establishing personal relationships with families and via the following ministries and programs:

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Grades 1st & 2nd

1st & 2nd graders have large group worship where they sing songs, celebrate the morning, and kickstart the Bible study topic. They move to grade-based groups where they study God’s word and discuss its meaning with fun and engaging activities.

Grades 3rd & 4th

Sunday mornings 3rd & 4th graders meet together in Room 215 to sing songs, watch some fun videos and intro the Bible study topic and then they move into grade based groups to study God’s word and discuss its application for their life.

Grades 5th & 6th

These two grades meet together in The Mezz for interactive games, engaging worship, and challenging Bible study,

WedgKids Wednesdays

On Wednesday evenings at WedgKids Wednesdays, children in 1st – 6th grades meet together in large groups for teaching and then smaller groups for discussion. The groups are typically separated into 1st & 2nd grades, 3rd & 4th grades, and 5th & 6th grades.

Wednesdays are made up of 5 components: Explore, Discover, Respond, Bless, & Active Engagement. Each of these elements will involve loving, caring adults encouraging children to know God and live life to His Glory. WedgKids Wednesdays are fun and engaging and we love when visitors join us.

This summer our 3rd – 6th graders are attending CentriKid Camp at Austin College in Sherman, Texas June 17 – 21.
CentriKid Camp’s activities are rooted in scripture, always safe, always about investing in relationships, and created for kids.
If you would like to know more about how you can attend CentriKid Camp with us, stop by the Children’s Minister’s office or email Casey Williams.

Sports & Fine Arts Camp

Sports & Fine Arts Camp is for Ages 3 through 5th grade.
Age 3 – Kindergarten will have their own Preschool Camp
located in the Preschool Hallway.
1st – 5th graders have the option of choosing Fine Arts Camp or Sports Camp.
In Fine Arts Camp, kids will create, learn, and explore.
In Sports Camp, kids will power up through learning and
playing different sports throughout the week.
There is no cost for this camp.

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Children’s Ministry Staff

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