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Resources for Worship

  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood whether it is with the congregation, solo, or choir can be found on YouTube.
  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood can be found on Amazon MP3 and/or ITunes
  • KCBI 90.9 radio plays a few of the songs
  • KLTY 94.9 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Ar1 101.7 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Lifeway Christian Store, Mardel’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target has CDs of the most popular Christian music

Worship Blog

The blog I write weekly has a two-fold purpose. The first and foremost reason is to help Wedgwood attendees be better prepared for the worship service that will happen on the upcoming Sunday. You will find a list of several of the songs that we will use to honor, glorify, and worship the Lord along with the writers names and often showing the Scripture passage in which the song is derived. Secondly, one reading my blog will hopefully find helpful insights to worship. This part can also not only be an educational response but a place to launch great discussion and deepen our experience of worshiping the Lord.

– Phil Beck

Why Not This Song?

January 7 2019 I have heard it said that any song works for worship as long as the heart of the worshiper is right. I will say back to that statement…that is just not true. Every song is not [...]

Happy New Year!

December 31 2018 Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019. I pray that this will be an excellent year for you. Before we get into the first subject for the year, I want to encourage you to look back over [...]

Honor Leaders?

December 24 2018 Most people will not be looking at this blog today obviously because it is Christmas Eve. For the few that might be, I hope I see you at the Christmas Eve Service tomorrow night [...]

Biblical Decisions?

December 17 2018 I want to finish this series on throwing in the towel and giving up by talking about the motive behind what we do. Everything, or at least just about everything has a motive or [...]

The Three Questions

December 10 2018 Continuing on with the question of what does it take for us to give up and throw in the towel….let’s talk about who is at the center of our decisions? A few weeks ago, Dr. Ross [...]

Perception or Fact?

December 3 2018 I hope that the blogs I write are helpful to you. Continuing on, I want to dive deeper into what it takes to throw in towel and give up. This week I want to camp on the word [...]

I Give Up

November 26 2018 I hope that yesterday was a great worship experience for all that attended. For the Christmas season, I want to concentrate on disappointment. This season causes all kinds of [...]

He Loves Us

November 19 2019 If you have been a Christian for any length of time, you know John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall [...]

Our Unity

November 12 2018 Several weeks ago, I spent some time on a Friday night with what we call the Prime Time Singles. I led them in some songs, shared some Scripture and gave a short testimony. We [...]

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