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How Great is Our God

Resources for Worship

  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood whether it is with the congregation, solo, or choir can be found on YouTube.
  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood can be found on Amazon MP3 and/or ITunes
  • KCBI 90.9 radio plays a few of the songs
  • KLTY 94.9 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Ar1 101.7 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Lifeway Christian Store, Mardel’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target has CDs of the most popular Christian music

Worship Blog

The blog I write weekly has a two-fold purpose. The first and foremost reason is to help Wedgwood attendees be better prepared for the worship service that will happen on the upcoming Sunday. You will find a list of several of the songs that we will use to honor, glorify, and worship the Lord along with the writers names and often showing the Scripture passage in which the song is derived. Secondly, one reading my blog will hopefully find helpful insights to worship. This part can also not only be an educational response but a place to launch great discussion and deepen our experience of worshiping the Lord.

– Phil Beck

Don’t Complain?

February 19 2018 I want to wrap up on James this week with a passage from James 5. In 5:19, James tells us “do not complain, brethren, against one another, that you yourselves may not be judged; [...]


February 12 2018 If you are one of the people that are on the prayer list that is sent out once a month from Debbie, you will notice I always ask for the same request every month. I always think [...]

Tongue of Fire

February 5 2018 There is an old little nursery rhyme that we all seem to learn growing up that I have come to realize is really wrong. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never [...]

Steps to Sin

January 22 2018 You might have heard the answer to the question of what is sin defined this way. “Sin is anything you think, say, or do, that is against God’s Word”. This little answer sounds [...]

Count it Joy

January 15 2018 Have you ever wondered about those people that seem to float through life and nothing ever hard seems to come their way? Oh wait! Maybe they broke a fingernail. (yes sarcasm). And [...]

Inside the Music

January 1 2018 Greetings and welcome to a new year of our life. As I reflect on 2017, I have to say it has been the most difficult year of ministry I have ever had. I quickly have to say that I [...]

It is HIM!

December 25 2017 I have a feeling most people will not be reading this blog when it first comes out today….hmm something is happening. Wait! Oh yeah! Families and friends are gathered together [...]

Renew Hope

December 18 2017 We end our Christmas Is Real series by concentrating on the hope of Jesus. Christmas is REAL HOPE! I wrote in my blog a few weeks ago about this word hope. Hope is not hope if [...]

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