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Resources for Worship

  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood whether it is with the congregation, solo, or choir can be found on YouTube.
  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood can be found on Amazon MP3 and/or ITunes
  • KCBI 90.9 radio plays a few of the songs
  • KLTY 94.9 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Ar1 101.7 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Lifeway Christian Store, Mardel’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target has CDs of the most popular Christian music

Worship Blog

The blog I write weekly has a two-fold purpose. The first and foremost reason is to help Wedgwood attendees be better prepared for the worship service that will happen on the upcoming Sunday. You will find a list of several of the songs that we will use to honor, glorify, and worship the Lord along with the writers names and often showing the Scripture passage in which the song is derived. Secondly, one reading my blog will hopefully find helpful insights to worship. This part can also not only be an educational response but a place to launch great discussion and deepen our experience of worshiping the Lord.

– Phil Beck

Grateful – Part 3

August 13 2018 We continue our series of gratefulness. Last week we talked about our gratefulness to and for God. This week will be concentrated on gratefulness of friends. In my definition of [...]

Grateful-Part 2

August 6 2018 As we continue on the theme of gratefulness, let’s start with the One that we are to be most grateful for in this life. Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus made a choice. He had the choice [...]

Gratefulness Part 1

July 30 2018 The next several weeks I want to talk about gratitude. What does that word mean to you? What comes to your mind when you think about gratitude? I can’t begin to compose the list of [...]


July 23 2018 I remember, as I was growing up, my mom would get horrible migraine headaches. I found it kind of interesting when I figured out the pattern of when she would get them. They would [...]

Central Focus

July 16 2018 As I read through Scripture, the word pictures, the metaphors, the description of the Lord, and of other things is just amazing to me. Trying to think in a creative mode most of the [...]

All Things?

July 9 2018 A few weeks ago we talked about living in the present. I want to balance that with this question. Can you look back at a time in your life that you can call a defining moment, an [...]

All Things “New”

July 2 2018 This year, I have coined a new phrase I say quite often. “It’s a new day.” Scripture talks about this being the day the Lord has made, and we are to rejoice in it. We use the word [...]

Got Joy?

June 25 2018 We hear often there is a difference between happiness and joy. I totally agree. Scripture actually doesn’t use the word happy often. “Happy is the man that puts his trust in the [...]

Are We Present?

June 18 2018 For those that know me well, I am not much of a keepsake type of person. On occasion I do refer to things that I have been privileged to be a part of. Most of you know I was on the [...]

Just Do It?

June 11 2018 My former pastor, Dr. Rouse, in Nashville, says this line often: “the very thing we know is the most important in Christianity, we do the least of.” One of those things is prayer. We [...]

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