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Resources for Worship

  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood whether it is with the congregation, solo, or choir can be found on YouTube.
  • Almost all of the songs we sing at Wedgwood can be found on Amazon MP3 and/or ITunes
  • KCBI 90.9 radio plays a few of the songs
  • KLTY 94.9 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Ar1 101.7 radio plays many of the songs we sing
  • Lifeway Christian Store, Mardel’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target has CDs of the most popular Christian music

Worship Blog

The blog I write weekly has a two-fold purpose. The first and foremost reason is to help Wedgwood attendees be better prepared for the worship service that will happen on the upcoming Sunday. You will find a list of several of the songs that we will use to honor, glorify, and worship the Lord along with the writers names and often showing the Scripture passage in which the song is derived. Secondly, one reading my blog will hopefully find helpful insights to worship. This part can also not only be an educational response but a place to launch great discussion and deepen our experience of worshiping the Lord.

– Phil Beck

A Mindset of Hospitality

May 21 2018 Several weeks ago, Dale talked about the word hospitality. He made this statement: “Hospitality is more than an action. It is a mindset.” Maybe it is just me, but I think I see us [...]

A Great Legacy

May 14 2018 I hope that as you read this story today that it will cause you to pause and pray for peace over this family. On March 11, Nancy Cantrell was in her place on that week’s praise team. [...]

No Matter What

May 7 2018 A few weeks ago I wrote a song that I call one of my therapeutic songs. I will probably never sing this song in public, thus therapeutic. It basically says that even though the hurt [...]

A Mile in My Shoes

April 30 2018 Scripture says in Matthew 5:41 “if someone forces you to walk with him one mile, walk with him two. “ As I dove into the meaning of this verse, I realized “going the extra mile” is [...]

What Priority?

April 23 2018 You have heard me talk about priorities before. I was inspired to revisit the subject when a good friend of mine wrote about them in her blog. Forty to fifty years ago, church was [...]

Worship the King

April 16 2018 We are in a series titled “Real Life.” At staff meeting a few weeks ago, Dale was talking about the series. One of the topics that came up was that Jesus is not just a part of our [...]

Stand! Together!

April 9 2018 Over the years, many studies have been done that prove groups move things forward better than one person. Whether it is a positive or negative idea, the power of the many can [...]


April 2, 2018 Last week, I talked about being humble. This week, I want to go deeper into a pretty heavy question. Can a Christian be controlled by satanic, evil forces? There has been a debate [...]

No Fool’s Day

March 26, 2018 We all know, whether we know Jesus or not, that every year there is an event called Easter. To some it is having an egg hunt and finding hidden treasure, or maybe it is just the [...]

No Matter What

March 19 2018 I have been thinking a lot about attitudes. We can go to Philippians and we are told to have the same attitude as Christ. We can go to John 15 and realize we can do nothing of [...]

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