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From the Desk of Dale Braswell, Lead Pastor

Shrewd Investing

As a kid I was a rather shrewd financial investor. I had a substantial and well diversified portfolio of investments. I made sure to do my research before purchasing anything new. I was cautious [...]


We all have priorities in life. Our priorities shape how we allocate our time, energy, and resources. And sometimes, our priorities can get a little mixed up. We can begin to value and pursue the [...]

Inside the Music: Phil Beck, Associate Pastor for Worship and Media

Celebration Day

October 15 2018 CELEBRATION DAY!!!! Today is October 15. For those that work and get paid two times a month, this is probably pay day. I have to admit that is a celebration in and of itself…lol. [...]

The Desire of My Heart

October 8 2018 As I have told you before, my favorite verse is Philippians 3:10. The first five words sums up my heart’s desire….”that I may know Him”. Back when little ditty choruses as I call [...]

Calling Us?

October 1, 2018 This coming Sunday is a momentous day for Wedgwood. All across our congregation, we are making individual decisions that will have a collective impact on not only Wedgwood [...]

Casey Williams’ Preschool and Children’s Update

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents, I hope you are having an encouraging day. Parenting can have moments of stress and frustration. It can also have moments of joy and appreciation. The difference can be perspective. [...]

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents and Volunteers, We have a Volunteer Training this Sunday from 3:30 – 6:00 pm. Our church will be starting new church software in a few weeks that will impact checkin, emails, [...]

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents and Volunteers, I hope you have had a wonderful week. As I look back over this past Sunday and Wednesday, I see the progress that God has blessed our Children’s Ministry with. I see [...]