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From the Desk of Dale Braswell, Lead Pastor

Are You Content?

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” These words of the apostle Paul in Philippians 4 have been quoted by many athletes following a hard-fought victory in athletic competition. [...]


Homesick Sixth grade Boy Scout Camp did not start out well for me. I had never been away from home for a week. Soon after arriving I found myself homesick, longing for my room, family, and all [...]

Denial and Redemption

Have you ever been embarrassed by someone? Maybe it was when you were a teenager and you didn’t want to be seen in public with your parents. We have all had that person in our lives that we love, [...]

Inside the Music: Phil Beck, Associate Pastor for Worship and Media


May 20 2019 We have been doing a lot of research and praying through what is best for our website. Those of you who go to our website often will see some changes along the way in the next few [...]

Graduating Seniors

May 13 2019 This week we are celebrating the graduating seniors from high school in the service. Jay and Jordan will have the service this coming Sunday. I am asking that this week you spend some [...]

Habitual Listener

May 6 2019 Privilege! We are so privileged. Since you are reading this, you are most likely a Christian. We are chosen. John 15 tells us that we did not choose Him, but He chose us, and ordained [...]

Casey Williams’ Preschool and Children’s Update

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents, I hope you are having an encouraging day. Parenting can have moments of stress and frustration. It can also have moments of joy and appreciation. The difference can be perspective. [...]

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents and Volunteers, We have a Volunteer Training this Sunday from 3:30 – 6:00 pm. Our church will be starting new church software in a few weeks that will impact checkin, emails, [...]

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents and Volunteers, I hope you have had a wonderful week. As I look back over this past Sunday and Wednesday, I see the progress that God has blessed our Children’s Ministry with. I see [...]