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From the Desk of Dale Braswell, Lead Pastor

Time to Rest

“How are things going? Good, just really, really busy.” This is a conversation I have been a part of many times. Sometimes I am the one asking the question. And often I am the one providing the [...]

Inside the Music: Phil Beck, Associate Pastor for Worship and Media

Value One Another

April 15 2019 Ah, it is tax day, and even more importantly, it is the week before Easter. Easter bunnies? Yeah…wait Jesus was resurrected!!!! Talk about value!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is risen. He is [...]

People are Valuable

April 8 2019 Last week we talked about God’s value for us. There is nothing that can top that. I love the account in Scripture between Ruth and Naomi. Where you go, I’ll go. Your God will be my [...]

Our Value is from God

April 1 2019 This is a day that we have come to know as April fool’s day. I am sure there will be a thousand jokes today. What I want to talk on for the next few weeks is to do with “value.” I [...]

Casey Williams’ Preschool and Children’s Update

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents, I hope you are having an encouraging day. Parenting can have moments of stress and frustration. It can also have moments of joy and appreciation. The difference can be perspective. [...]

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents and Volunteers, We have a Volunteer Training this Sunday from 3:30 – 6:00 pm. Our church will be starting new church software in a few weeks that will impact checkin, emails, [...]

WedgKids Update

Hello Parents and Volunteers, I hope you have had a wonderful week. As I look back over this past Sunday and Wednesday, I see the progress that God has blessed our Children’s Ministry with. I see [...]