Worship at Wedgwood

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Author: Phil Beck, Associate Pastor for Worship and Media 

Value One Another

April 15 2019 Ah, it is tax day, and even more importantly, it is the week before Easter. Easter bunnies? Yeah…wait Jesus was resurrected!!!! Talk about value!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is risen. He is [...]

People are Valuable

April 8 2019 Last week we talked about God’s value for us. There is nothing that can top that. I love the account in Scripture between Ruth and Naomi. Where you go, I’ll go. Your God will be my [...]

Our Value is from God

April 1 2019 This is a day that we have come to know as April fool’s day. I am sure there will be a thousand jokes today. What I want to talk on for the next few weeks is to do with “value.” I [...]

Worship at Wedgwood

What to Expect

Worship at Wedgwood is described usually as modern, energetic, and a congregation that sings.

Our morning worship times are led by our Worship Pastor, Praise Team, Full Choir, and a Six Piece Band. We use a variety of styles of Christian music from the hymn writers to the songs that are being written today. The drama team joins us on occasion to help relay the Scriptural message of the day. Using the technology available along with songs and drama, the goal is to first honor and praise God and secondly to express a heart of gratitude and thankfulness.


There is no audition for the worship choir. We welcome you and would be delighted for you to join us on Wednesday nights for rehearsal at 6:30 PM in the choir room located in the Music Ministry suite. The Wedgwood Worship Choir leads worship in the morning worship services. In addition, there are occasional evening services and events that the choir is also part of leading. The Worship Choir has opportunities around the community and mission ventures where they are able to also assist in leading worship. Please contact the worship office for more information.

Drama Team

Worship’s drama team is Acting Up. They perform small sketches in the services to full-length dinner theaters. Keep an eye out for announcements about auditions and upcoming performances.

Worship Ministry and Media Staff

  • Phil Beck
    Phil Beck Associate Pastor for Worship, Media, Publicity, Communications, Staff Elder
  • Scott Sumner
    Scott Sumner Media Coordinator