Glorify Christ by Making Disciples Who Worship, Serve, Grow in Missional Communities, and Multiply Churches.

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9 a.m. – Missional Communities
10:30 a.m. – Worship
6 p.m. – Evening Worship


4:45 p.m.- Dinner Together
6-7:30 p.m.- Age Activities, Adult Bible Studies, Worship Rehearsal, and Prayer Meeting.
6- 8 p.m.- Students


5522 Whitman Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76133

Learning the Word

Familiarity breeds contempt. Sometimes repeated exposure to something makes us lose appreciation for the beauty or uniqueness that something possesses. When I come across a song I really like I am often guilty of listening to it over and over again. Eventually I grow tired of it and rarely listen to it again. Unfortunately, we… Read More

5jun - 8jun 58:30 amjun 8Free Basketball Camp

13jun - 17jun 1312:00 pmjun 17Youth Camp

3jul - 7jul 38:30 amjul 7Free Soccer CampNo Camp on July 4

10jul - 13jul 1011:00 amjul 13Children's Campfor 3rd-6th graders

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Summer Camps 2017

Soccer, Basketball and Dodgeball

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Inside the Music

May 29 2017 Aaron Wagner, who was here in January, will be with us kicking off the summer. He will be leading the worship service this week. I will be here as part of the church family worshipping together. I am studying Hebrews right now. A verse that has always blown me away is Hebrews… Read More